Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ruth Chapter 3--Learning about the Provisions that God Has for You

This chapter was a bit confusing honestly at first.  However as I read through it a second and third time I was able to get the overall idea that was meant to come from this chapter.  It tells the story of Ruth going to Boaz and asking him for favor by trying to be a servant for him.

He respects her willingness to do things for him.  He then rewards her with barley.  The important thing here to understand is that he is rewarding her with a little more than double the amount of barley that she herself had worked for in a day's time.

So as I thought about what this meant I wanted to try and figure out why it was in the Bible and what we were supposed to learn from it.  The thing that I believe that you are supposed to learn is that God will bestow favor on you when you are willing to do what he asks.  Just as Ruth was rewarded with more barley so you will prosper in life when you want to give your time to God.  I find that this is something that we can all learn from.

You can donate your time and energy to so many things in life but when you choose to give of yourself to God you are going to see great rewards.  There are those who believe God's favor will give you opportunities, better jobs, and numerous other advantages in life.  These people believe that God will give you all that you need.  When I think of this I am not sure.  I have too many questions to ask on this thought.

Why is it that some amazingly good people always end up with the short stick in life?  This would lead you think that in some way this person is not as good of a person as they are.  It would make you think that they are not willing to give of themselves to God even when they might be.  I would find this to be something that I have a hard time believing in for myself because everyone I know with a good job and good fortune has worked hard to get where they are.

Likewise there are those who always appear to be blessed in life.  There are some really bad people out there who have tons of money and success.  If this were true then only "good" Godly people would be able to make it to those levels of success.  I just do not think that it is right to judge people's successes based on their faithfulness because honestly in real life the more faithfulness a person has it seems that the less success they have. 

On a side note, do you believe in this?  Do you think that you have what you have in life because God provided it for you? 

I am thankful for everything that I personally have in life but it seems that it all has required a lot of hard work from me and has required me to work hard all of the time.  If it were just God why would I have to work so hard?  I would get it either way, right?

Comment and share your thoughts with me.  I'm searching with this one.

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