Friday, July 12, 2013

Ruth Chapter 2--Thoughts on Self-Improvement and Being Humble

As I was reading chapter 2 of Ruth I was kind of confused and re-read it.  To be honest it didn't all make sense until I broke it up part by part.  Basically Ruth and Naomi had made it to their destination but they didn't have anything.  Ruth went to work for Boaz not knowing that they were distant relatives or that Boaz was a generous wealthy man. 

Ruth worked hard and Boaz took notice of her.  He brought her into his home for a meal but she was not allowed to sit with him and his family.  Instead she was to sit at a distance where she was able to eat what was given to her and she ate until she was satisfied and then he allowed her to take her leftovers home which she took for Naomi.  He then allowed her to take part of the crop that she was working on for herself so that she would have some food when she went home each day.

When he asked her what she had "gleaned today" he was asking her where she had improved for the day.  This is something that we can each learn from.  Every day we can ask ourselves where we have improved.  I will take this time to share with you where I think that I have improved.

Today's Improvements--Today I feel personally that I have improved in my goal and purpose.  I am working hard at putting in the time and effort towards becoming a better person and to learning more about my spirituality wherever the journey may lead.  I believe that there has to be something out there and I choose to believe that this something is God.  I do think that the only thing that I can do by studying the different books that are major foundations for religion.  Since I profess Christianity, I am going to be first reading the Bible and then I will move on to different reverent works of literature that are associated with religions.  From this I believe that I will only continue to grow as a person in my spirituality and beliefs.  In addition I am moving on from making FB a place of public announcements.  I am going to be using FB to promote me and my brand as a writer,  I am going to do a few groups on FB and nothing else really.  My goal is spend less time reading about others lives, worrying about gossip, or trying to keep up with others and to truly focus on me and my family.  I failed in may ways today but I did get in story time before bed and dinner was made for my beautiful family.  Each day we can only work to improve who we are and what we are.  I hope that you can follow me, stay with me, and share with me when you see growth in yourself or if you see growth in me.  This is my ultimate goal on my journey.

Ruth was humble when she was talking to Naomi.  She told Naomi about how Boaz had done something nice for her, allowing her to keep part of the harvest.  She did not tell Naomi that he had complimented her.  She was humble throughout it all.

Humbleness is not something that I am good at.  As an overachiever I like to hear that I do something well.  As I am attempting to accomplish my personal dreams and desires, I love to hear that I have done a good job and to be able to share with my friends and family that finally after five long years someone is taking notice of me.  This part of Ruth has really spoken to me that I definitely need to learn to be more humble.  I need to put less value on what others think of me and whether or not others approve of what I am doing.

I don't know why I try to prove that I can do something good.  My guess is a feeling of inferiority that I have when it comes to certain people.  I am inferior to the good friends that I had in high school.  All of them have very successful careers and while being a great mommy is the most important thing that I will do in life, I would love to have an awesome career and to be able to be proud of my job.  Don't get me wrong.  I am so proud to be mommy to my four amazing children but I am so tired of hearing from people snide comments about my life being a waste because I didn't choose to go to school for something that was going to make me wealthy and I don't have a high paying job and a high end career.  I guess the comments that people make about me being "smart" or telling me that I could have done more with my life have pushed me to brag about the good things that I can do.  It has happened a lot recently with my writing and in the end it has been really hard to move past.  However I am finding now that I can certainly take this lesson from Ruth and apply it to my life.  I am going to work hard to try and do something that is going to help make me proud of what I can accomplish quietly. 

I do know for certain one thing.  Being humble is something that I can not do on my own and is something that I will need God to help me with.

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